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Photos and comments from previous pupils.

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CHERYL LACEY - DRIGLINGTON I want to say a massive thanks to Stuart for helping me pass my test. Really supportive, nice and gave me a massive confidence boost when taking my test. Absolutely amazing experience having him as my instructor! Thanks Stuart! :)March 2014

Passed first time
Thanks for being so patient..still in shock but looking forward to getting out and about. see you in a few weeks for some motorway lessons when its all sunk in XXX March 2014

NICOLA STEPHENSON - LOWMOOR I had a failed test in the past with a different driving school. I got a new top instructor Stuart! And passed first time with him. Amazing and brilliant instructor. Very very happy XX March 2014

Passed first time
Oh my god!!!!! Just passed my driving test first time!!! Holy hell! Dunno what to do with myself, thank you Stuart Wilkinson you have been amazing and canĀ“t thank you enough! Roll on pass plus your not getting rid of me yet XX Jan 2014

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Thanks Stuart you have been patient and kept a sense of humour thought the learning to drive project ..

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